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  • Springtime Banner

    Welcome students and parents into your classroom with this cheery springtime banner. Add your name and grade level too.

  • Ultra-Organized Learning Center

    Glue Dots, magnets, and a cookie sheet put all of the materials students need right at hand.

  • Writing Inspiration

    Students will beg for a turn to write with these super-fun (and super-easy) troll hair pencils.

  • Special Display

    Show off great work and display important notes with this simple project.

  • Sweet Stick Puppets

    Grab your Glue Dots and have students create sweet springtime puppets. Students can write and perform simple stories for one another or for other classes.

  • Snazzy Corkboard

    Why settle for a plain brown corkboard when you can have a one-of-a-kind version instead?

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