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This month’s prize: $150 in Peppa Pig goodies and a $150 Amazon gift card for classroom supplies

Grand prize: $500 in Peppa Pig goodies and a $500 Amazon gift card for classroom supplies

My students and I want Peppa Pig to star in our classroom celebrations!

I’m a preschool or kindergarten teacher and I’m entering for a chance to win a Peppa Pig prize pack and an Amazon gift card for classroom supplies. Wish me luck!


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Build a Peppa Adventure

Students think, talk, reason, and dream with these kid-friendly discussion starters and fun printable props.

A New Friend

Celebrating Together Is Better!

Try these oinktastic, quick crafts & snacks

Brilliantly cute and memorable activities make any day a special Peppa day.

Ricky Zoom is the brand new, only all-bike show for preschoolers! Ricky Zoom dreams of being a rescue bike. Together with his Bike Buddies, Loop, Scootio and DJ, they race around Wheelford, a two-wheeled town tailor-made for bikes. Whether at the sports track or trying new stunts at the park, they zoom into every adventure while learning to stand on their own two wheels. Just like your students, Ricky and the Bike Buddies have all the support they need from their close-knit community who is always on hand to guide them in the right direction. Fostering friendship and promoting teamwork, Ricky Zoom is a zoomtastic way to encourage students to be inclusive and do things together.

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