William’s Winter Nap

by Linda Ashman

William is all set for bed when—TAP TAP TAP!—a chilly chipmunk arrives at his door looking for a warm place to sleep. The two curl up under the covers, then—KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK!—a frosty porcupine asks to join them. One after another, a parade of furry guests appears at William’s door in search of a snuggly place to spend the winter. Each time, William and friends scooch over—but is there room for ALL the visitors who show up?

Activity: Sound Effects

Guide students to recognize that the author uses sounds to signal the arrival of new visitors. For example, Chipmunk wakes William with a TAP, TAP, TAP, and Porcupine with a KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK. Have students tell what sounds are made when Woodchuck, Raccoon, and Bear arrive. Next, tell students the literary term for words that sound like what they mean is onomatopoeia, and its use can make their writing livelier. Challenge students to come up with some sounds of their own to describe other wintry activities, such as sledding down a hill, skating on a frozen pond, and walking through fresh snow. (Reading Literature: Key Ideas and Details: RL.K.1, RL.1.1)

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