Book Submission Guidelines

The Mailbox Books publishes materials for teachers of preschool through grade 6. Our books feature creative, practical activities and developmentally appropriate reproducibles to reinforce early childhood concepts and key skills in language arts, math, science, and social studies. We also publish books that feature bulletin board ideas, arts-and-crafts activities, learning centers, and classroom management tips and tools.

Have an idea for a book? Here’s what to do!

The first question to ask yourself is, Is this a book I hope to write, or do I simply want to suggest the topic?

If the answer is that you just want to suggest the topic, that's easy! Send an email to Becky Andrews, Director of Book Planning and Development.

If this is a book that you hope to write, follow these steps:

  1. Review our catalog or visit the ecommerce section of our Web site to see if your book idea fits with what we publish. Please note that we do not publish fiction books/children’s books, research studies/dissertations, software, music CDs, kits and programs, or materials in languages other than English.
  2. Next, prepare your proposal. Think through what your book would include and what grades it would cover. Then write the following:
    • A cover letter that describes your concept and its purpose (including the grade levels it covers). Explain why your book idea will meet the needs of today’s teachers. Include a summary of your teaching experience.
    • A brief outline that lists what is in the book
    • A few samples will help!
    We do not need a complete manuscript, nor do you need to provide any artwork for your book idea.
  3. Send your proposal to
    Book Development Department
    The Mailbox Books
    3515 W. Market St.
    Greensboro, NC 27403

Be sure to send your complete contact information, including your home address, phone number, and email address, along with an SASE with sufficient postage so that we can return your submission if necessary.

All materials must be your original, unpublished work. Please do not send previously published materials. Also do not send your original copy.

Once we receive your proposal...

Our book development team will review your material and consider the following:

  • Will the book’s topic appeal to a large number of teachers?
  • Does the book cover the skills that matter most—readiness skills for early childhood or the skills covered in state standards for older students?
  • Does the book provide practical ideas that a teacher could easily implement in her classroom?
  • Are there a lot of books already available on the topic? If so, is this one markedly different or better?

If our book development team thinks that your proposal could fit into our publishing plan, one of several things will happen: The team may request more information or additional sample pages. We may ask you to consider additional factors and rework the proposal, or we may ask to test or purchase your concept. All concepts are purchased outright. We do not pay royalties. All rights (copyrights or otherwise) become the property of The Education Center, Inc. Please allow three to six months for a reply. We appreciate your patience.

Thanks for your interest in helping us make a difference in children’s learning. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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