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Where can I subscribe to your magazines?

We’ve gone digital! The Mailbox® magazine is now an online publication. Subscribing is easy:

Sign up for our Gold subscription and get The Mailbox® interactive magazine plus additional planning tools and features we know you’ll love.

How can I renew my magazine subscription?

Go to “Manage Account” and click on “Update Subscriptions” to update your information. Click “Update” next to the subscription you want to change.

How can I find out when my magazine subscription expires?

Go to “Manage Account” at the top right of your screen and click on “Update Subscriptions.” Click on “Update” next to the subscription about which you would like more information.

Where’s my digital magazine?

Your digital magazine is available by clicking “Magazines” from the main navigation near the top of the screen when you’re signed in.

Can I print The Mailbox digital magazine?

We designed the new digital magazine to be fully interactive and uniquely designed for the web. Unlike a PDF, our digital magazine is meant to be acted upon—instead of tearing out ideas to physically file away, you can collect ideas one by one; instead of photocopying a reproducible from the print magazine, you can print right from your digital magazine.

How can I see my past issues of the magazine?

Click “Magazines” from the main navigation

Where do I get my magazine extras? What happened to The Mailbox Companion?

Magazine extras (formerly called The Mailbox Companion) are now part of the digital magazine experience. As long as you have a Gold subscription, you have access to The Mailbox® digital magazine and the online extras included in each issue.

To find them, just sign in at and click on “Magazines” in the main navigation to access your digital issues of The Mailbox® magazine. All your extras are included with your regular content.

How can I report problems with my subscription?

Give us a call at 800.334.0298 or report the problem by going to “Manage Account” and “Update Subscriptions,” where you'll see a link to report a missing issue.

Can I give a subscription as a gift?

Definitely! Please contact customer service at 800.334.0298 to order a gift subscription.

How do I contact an editor?

You can contact our editors at the email addresses below:

How can I submit an idea to The Mailbox?

You can submit an idea online using our Submit an Idea form. If your idea is accepted for publication, you'll receive $20 cash or more depending on what you send in.

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